Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dispatch #8: Rexall, Jailene, Abcd

Rexall [reks-all] (Latin-Canadian)

1) Ruler of all the world.

2) Canada's answer to CVS, Rite Aid and Duane Reade.
3) A hockey arena in Edmonton, Alberta
4) Anagramian pun: 'rellax', suggesting 'soother of bowels'.
5) Well known homonymists suggest an ironic alternate etymology derived from Yiddish of 'shlemazl' meaning 'wrecks all'.

Jailene [jay-leen] (Latino hybrid)

1) 'Our Lady of Captivity' -- patron saint of Sing Sing and San Quentin.
2) 'Jailin' for males -- active stance etymology, as follows: "As a corrections officer (s)he is jailin convicts".

3) Jailin passive reversal form would suggest a meaning as illustrated: "The drek was thrown in jail."

Var: Jayleen, Jaeline, Jaylin, Jaelin.

contributed by anthroponymist Perele von Shifer
Abcd [ab-sid] (North American)

1) Implying that life is akin to a classroom, and with a world-full of wonder, one must always be learning.
2) Possessing powerful stomach muscles.
3) A lyrical tribute to the departed Michael Jackson.
4) A North American AC/DC tribute band.
Var: Abcde (Ab-side)