Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dispatch 10: Today's featured names are Nympha, Xerox and Skyy

Nympha [nim-fah] (Latin)

1) Also known as Labia Minora; this is the mythological younger sister of Lahbia, daughter of Queen Vagine and the fourth cousin of Venus.

2) Oracle of the Vulvan Labia.

3) One of any of the many minor Greco-Roman deities residing in such natural phenomena as water, trees, mountains or sewer drains.

4) The larval state of some insects.

5) Beautiful and/or promiscuous girl.

6) Long forgotten saint, affiliated for unknown if suspected reasons with Tryphon, patron saint of gardeners.

Xerox [zee-rocks] (Ameringlish)

1) Lost brother of Xena the Warrior Princess.

2) An act of promiscuous and flagrant xerography.

3) Generally a name given to someone closely resembling an older sibling.

Skyy [sky] (Faux Erse)

1) The act of intoxicating a friend with alterior motives in mind (verb).

2) A brand of vodka perceived by the hoi polloi as high-end.

3) The presumed original spelling of the British Isle of Skye, as preserved in the inner sanctums of trailer parks and inner cities.

4) A little-known funk band of the late 1970s.