Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dispatch 16: Lenin, Tellesavalis, Ventura

Lenin [leh-nin] (Russian nonsensical, of unknown origin)

1) Singer and songwriter for The Beatles, a reasonably successful if shortlived garage band out of Liverpool.

2) The founder of an ill-fated country known as the idiot stepsister of the West, dedicated during its seven-decade existence to equal opportunity poverty and misery.

3) a 20th century deity, revered by multitudes alongside Albanian and Korean dictators Hoxha and Kim and college heartthrobs Castro and Guevara.  

Tellesavalis [telee-savalis] (Greek)

1) A form of extra sensory perception closely related to telekinesis.

2) Large skulled bald cowboy who often enjoyed exposing his flaccid torso in popular periodicials.

3) Brother of Stavros, ally of Crocker.

4) Form of alopecia Areata.

Ventura [ven-tyooruh] (Californio-Minnesotan)

1) A former wrestler, Minnesota governor and best-selling conspiracy theorist.

2) A semi animated successful pet detective.

3) An American-made car named after San Buenaventura.